Quick & Easy Integration
Integrate your applications quickly either with Falconide's high-quality SMTP relay or its simple, well-documented HTTP API. Get real-time information about your email into your CRM/other reporting system through Falconide's Reporting API.
Comprehensive, in-depth reporting
Get in-depth reports and logs for your email on demand. Track your sending reputation via Falconide's proprietary Reputation Meter. Track your email opens, views, bounces, unsubscribe, abuse complaints and link click-through over time, both graphically and as downloadable files.
Webhooks : Real-time Notifications
Get real-time notifications on your specified callback URL via HTTP POST / GET for sent, dropped, opened, bounced, spam, unsubscribed, invalids to URLs, as soon as the action takes place. Apart from getting real-time and instant notifications, facility to fetch reports by calling fewer or zero APIs is also inbuilt.
Triggerware: Rule-based delivery of triggered emails
Rule-based triggers for front end apps which send emails based on subscriber activities like Successful Signup, Page/Browser Abandonment, Cart Abandonment & Successful Purchase.
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction with real-time release of purchase & order confirmations
  • Delivery of password reset/verification email in inbox
  • Drive re-engagement & improve ROI with incremental revenue
High Inbox Delivery
Get the best delivery infrastructure in the industry for your triggered email. Falconide offers
  • Email authentication (SPF, DKIM and DMARC)
  • Support for ISP feedback loops
  • IP and domain reputation scoring & monitoring
  • A 16,000+ pool of IPs (dedicated IPs available)
  • 100+ servers across 3 global data centres
Quick resolution of issues
Falconide's 24x7 support means technical assistance is always available when you need it, over